Frequently Asked Questions

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It is an online permit application for the purpose of utility works by applicants.
The current practice is to submit all relevant documents in hardcopy for an application.
  • Applicants from Johor will be able to submit their application online.
  • Payment for Application Fees can be made online.
  • Applicants will be able to keep track of their application status online, Eg. site visit, UDM status, permitting stage , etc.
A notification of the application status and the outstanding requirements will be sent to the applicant’s login dashboard in KUJ Portal and via email to notify if applicant is required to get in touch with KUJ or payment is required.
KUJ can be contacted at 07-222 0008 and the applicant will be transferred to the person in charge of KUJ Portal for troubleshooting of the problems faced.
Yes, payment can be made through KUJ e-Application Web Portal using online banking or credit cards.
  • A permit will take approximately 3-4 weeks after initial payment is made by applicant and a complete documentation is submitted to the Local Authority. This timeline is subject to all obligations being fulfilled by the applicant:
  • Payment of security bond (Wang Amanah) to Local Authority
  • Complete documentation (Insurance, Work schedule, Method Statement, etc.)
No, all documentation will now be uploaded through the KUJ Portal.
Anyone who intends to acquire permit from local authorities for the purpose of utility works within the State of Johor.
Applicants may track their progress and action required on their dashboard.
No, these prices are non-negotiable.
Our service is non-refundable. Please make sure you are aware of this before making purchase.
Yes, it costs RM50 for each application.
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